About Us


Our vision is to become a catalyst for Human Innovation, born out of creativity and resourcefulness, that have the potential to transform the world into a better environment for future generations


Our mission is to support the transformation of innovative technology-based ideas into sustainable companies providing solutions to global issues and challenges

MBA Fakhro Venture Capital is built on MBA Fakhro’s long track record of active investments in companies across sectors and geographies. Our venture investment goals are focused on early-stage technology companies developing transformative solutions to challenging global problems.

Investment Approach

MBA Fakhro Venture Capital is the venture arm of MBA Fakhro, with offices across the global innovation hubs. We invest in visionary entrepreneurs of early-stage companies solving global challenges with innovative and emerging technology.

Our venture fund portfolio targets initial investments of approximately 3% to 5% equity ownership, spread across over 25 early-stage companies in India and the United States. We invest primarily in the Seed and Series A stages with selective follow-on funding.




Initial Investment


Portfolio Companies

Our 4-D Investment Process


At MBA Fakhro we focus on long term relationships and we support our portfolio companies throughout their growth to become sustainable companies. Our investment cycle follows a highly-selective and thorough vetting process.

1. Identifying startups that fit our investment criteria

2. Conducting deep due diligence on prospective investment opportunities

3. Making collective investment decisions through our experienced investment committee

4. Deploying capital using provisions that protect our long-term interest and our partners